The Private Chef

There’s nothing more exclusive as having a personal chef cooking for you at your private dinner party. Chef Dineau is ready to roll out ‘The Kitchen that Rocks’ into your kitchen!


The Event Chef

Good food lifts the spirits and boosts the ambience on any event. Book Dineau if you are looking for a dedicated and creative chef to enhance your party!



The Interim Chef

Are you confronted with quality or staffing problems in your kitchen and urgently looking for an experienced chef to act as an all-round troubleshooter? Contact Dineau today!



Prepare yourself for a mouthwatering surprise…

My Inspiration

comes from all over the world, but I’m especially intrigued and passionate about integrating the principles of the ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy of the 5 elements in my cooking.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. With my love and passion for cooking, I gained most of my experience during my many trips overseas and internships abroad.

My Cooking Skills

have been formed under the inspiring leadership of Paul Bocuse in Paris, Thomas Keller in New York, Gerard Fagel in the Netherlands, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (‘The Art of Living’) in India and Gerard Pangaud in Manhattan.

My Teachers

Wanna tickle your taste buds?

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